Hey, Dude!  What Are They Doing to Our Country?
9/11 Was an Inside Job!

Just because the mainstream media "don't go there,"
doesn't mean it's not true.

The military-industrial complex had the motive,
the means, and the opportunity!

How could they have pulled it off?    Check out Dave's
carefully researched

Did the World Trade Center towers collapse due to the
jetliner impacts and fires, or were they blown up?
Dave's Analysis.
And They're Stealing Our Elections!

Just because the mainstream media "don't go there"
either, doesn't mean this is not true too.

Read some of the evidence for nationwide theft in 2004.

Here's how they did it in Ohio.

Find out how they did it in

Think they didn't do it in 2006?  Think again!
Footnote to fourth photo at top:
Dave testifies at the Election Assessment Hearing, Houston, TX, June 29, 2005.
In the foreground is Judy Alter, election researcher extraordinaire, who proved that the votes of
Native Americans and Latinos were stolen in New Mexico in 2004 and who ran parallel
elections proving vote-shifting fraud in a San Diego special election.
And They're Manipulating the Markets!

And the mainstream media actually help them hush it up.

Check out
Dave's analysis of the response of the U.S.
Stock Markets to the Asian market slumps of August 2007.
Paris, 2000                                                      Belize, 2001                                                            Tokyo, 2002                                      Houston, 2005  
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