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Radiation effects and defect centers in silica glass and
silica-based optical fibers, heavy-metal fluoride glasses,
and glasses for immobilization of nuclear wastes.

Ferromagnetic precipitates in glasses.

Interpretation of Electron Spin Resonance (ESR)
spectra of the above.

Fractal kinetics of radiation-induced defect creation and
decay in optical fibers.

Ongoing Research

Innovative contributions to the geology, petrology, and
materials science of major impacts on the Earth.  
Collaboration with scientists worldwide on several
themes described on this site.

Recent activity has concerned defect centers in silica
glasses as a reviewer of Ph.D. thesis from
U. of Palermo,
an article coauthored with collaborators at U. of Latvia ,
and completing research begun in 1999 on alpha-decay
effects in a model nuclear waste storage glass
containing Pu-238 (results presented as invited talk at
SiO2-2008 in Saint-Etienne, France).
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